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Our Fellowship

A global "high five!"

Our fellowships support female leaders in education to multiply their potential for impact.  We connect young women educators--who are innovators, pioneers, and creative leaders--with leadership development, mentorship, exposure to professional networks, and micro-grants to support their work. 



We launched our first pilot in Ghana and successfully implemented the program over three years.  We are building upon this success by expanding our model to empower and connect educators through an expanded array of impactful programs, while continuing to reduce gender inequality around the world.


"If I lead, will they follow?"

Our fellows receive training which builds their leadership abilities including how to prepare presentations, confidence skills for public speaking, problem-solving and decision making, financial and budget development and creation of strategic plans. 


Better equipped, our fellows can assume greater roles in the education sector.


"How am I doing, coach?"

Women and girls need mentors and role models. They need to see what success looks like and imagine themselves getting there.  Mentors can do this. When matched with the right mentors, we believe female educators will enhance their potential to be change-makers for their students, colleagues, and the broader educational community.



We connect women to a wide range of mentors to provide them with support and guidance throughout their duration as a fellow. These mentors are strong leaders with the expertise necessary to support the fellows in their career advancement.


Strutting their stuff!

The lack of skills training and mentors, as well as skewed cultural expectations, prevents women from accessing leadership opportunities in the field of education.


We provide fellows with the opportunity to present their work at national and global conferences so they can gain access to new networks of strong professionals in their fields. By offsetting the cost of participating in these experiences, fellows are able to tap into a world of resources and connections they wouldn't have previously accessed.


 A little financial support doesn't hurt!

We believe that given the right resources, female educators can create meaningful impact through localized community initiatives. We support fellows with small grants to expand and scale-up their programs to have a greater impact. Micro-grants are also available to support leadership development and education through participation in conferences, seminars, and trainings around the world.


We're in this together!

Our Fellows have just as much to learn from each other as they do from us! With that in mind, we believe our Fellows should work together to offer mutual support and empowerment. To facilitate this process, we pair them up, encouraging partners to check in, bounce ideas off one another, and offer any guidance and feedback they can. 

Alumnae Network

Where do we go from here?


We want to have a lasting impact on our Fellows, and key to that is building an ever-growing community of empowered women. Each class of Fellows will graduate into the alumni network where they can continue supporting each other, offering guidance, and forming connections with women changemakers from around the world.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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