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Empowering Educators to Build a More
Peaceful, Sustainable, & United Planet

Our goal, vision & commitment.

The next generation of change-makers.

Empowered and making a difference.

We have some exciting news to share.


As you may know, Empowered to Educate was started as fellowship program of United Planet to support female leaders in education. We launched our first pilot program in Ghana as a proof of concept, and to refine our model, under the leadership and support of our former executive director, Dr. Constance Kane, the pilot program has been a resounding success.

Going forward, United Planet will be using the lessons learned during the Ghana program to expand Empowered to Educate into other locations. Meanwhile, Dr. Kane will continue the current Ghana program as part of a newly formed charity, Women Changemakers for Education, Inc. We thank Dr. Kane for her valued service to Empowered to Educate.

If you would like to learn more about Women Changemakers for Education, Inc., please visit its website at If you would like to learn more about Empowered to Educate’s current work outside of Ghana or other United Planet programs, we invite you to explore the Empowered to Educate website and to visit us at


Thank you for your interest in our work, and for your continued support!

Lack of recognition and gender inequality prevents women from assuming roles of leadership and innovation: this perpetuates cycles of poverty and powerlessness.


We believe by increasing the number of women leaders in education, we can impact outcomes for all. 

Empowered to Educate calls out exceptional leaders and supports them in five ways. 

"When we invest in women and girls we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else."

- Graça Machel

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Let's invest in empowering educators as global citizen leaders. 
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