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“Empowered to Educate is a fantastic program which supports young women as innovators in Education. I met them recently and was energized by their drive. My advice to them: Don’t hold back -  you are read to change the world!”

~ Jane Finette
The Coaching Fellowship

"The Fellowship program is a wake up call for me. I have come to realize that it’s not about me but about the world viewing you and supporting you along the way. I’ve also put in place my Board, getting my logo, my letterhead and the practical things. Empowered to Educate, we can’t thank you enough….the word enough isn’t even enough!"

~ Nimatu Siisu

"What is really exciting about Empowered to Educate is its focus on female leadership. When you educate a woman, you educate a whole nation, and this program is going to have a multiplier effect."

~ Grace Amponsah

"I have been privileged to have been on the Review Panel for the first cohort of Fellows. Their work at the grass roots is critical to helping retain girls in school and raising them out of poverty. One initiative really inspires me: establishing the first ever library in her town in rural northern Ghana. Literacy and libraries are the spines to any sustainable empowerment initiative. Girl children in this district could have in ensuring Securing essential basic literary education for girl children in the district is the only way out of poverty."

~ Joseph Assan
Brandeis University

“The Trimble Foundation Fund is delighted to collaborate with Empowered to Educate. We have been inspired by the work of the inaugural class of fellows and look forward to seeing the continued impact of the fellows in their communities over the coming years“

~ Owen Chamberlain
The Trimble Foundation

"As a former educator, I was influenced greatly by a multigenerational network of professional women as peers and mentors.  I am proud to support Empowered to Educate in the creation of these vital networks for professional women in Ghana. It is establishing a lasting legacy!"

~ Roberta Rosenberg
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