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Angelina Annobil


Angelina is a Youth and Rural Development Activist. She is the Founder of The Builder's Foundation, an NGO on a mission to redefine rural Africa by creating development opportunities for rural youth. She also started a girls' empowerment group called Mbasiafo, where she mentors young girls from rural and suburban communities in Ghana. As an emerging Teens Coach, Angelina spends most of her time mentoring high school and tertiary students to inspire them towards attainment of their goals, academic excellence, and personal development. Angelina's belief in Africa's transformation motivates her to continue learning and to raise young Africans ready to create solutions for their communities. Contributing to the growth of startups and other organizations, she serves as a Board member and on several Executive Teams.


Angelina graduated from the University of Ghana Business School as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar at CAMFED Ghana (Campaign For Female Education). She is a fellow of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and the immediate past Vice-Curator of the Global Shapers community, Cape Coast Hub. After school, Angelina worked with CAMFED as a Transition Facilitator where she mentored over 200 female high school graduates to help them transition from school into society. Angelina is pursuing an MBA program in Finance and is committed to obtaining a career helping rural people build wealth that will translate into providing children with the quality education they deserve.


Through the Empowered to Educate program, Angelina seeks to develop personally and create a sustainable system for her organizations. She also looks forward to building a great network and collaborating with more young Africans to scale the impact of her initiatives.

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