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Kibtiya Faruk


Kibtiyatu Mohammed Faruk is a final year student at the University of Cape Coast studying for a Bachelor of Education in Home Economics, Clothing and Textiles. She is a MasterCard Foundation Scholar at Camfed Ghana, administrative secretary at Ghana Youth Guide, and the CEO of Kouturehub. Kibtiya is resilient and goal-oriented, and loves to volunteer and to learn new things. She believes in the strength of the girl child and the need to place them in the center of developmental initiatives in the quest for social change. Growing up in a community where the strengths of the girl child were overlooked, Kibtiya went through her basic education with little guidance and motivation. Therefore, her greatest desire is to ensure that girls are motivated and encouraged to harness their strengths. In the near future, Kibtiya wants to be an educationist and a champion for the development of girl child education. This goal informed her decision to set up a network for young girls called the “Create Impact Foundation.” The organization will form a network of young girls campaigning against the gender injustices they face, especially early child marriage and pregnancy. 50 girls will be enrolled for the first pilot in the Central region. With the support from Empowered to Educate, the organization can achieve its long term goal of building the capacity of one thousand young girls in an effort to minimize social vices against them. It will also build a hub to serve as a haven for young girls to acquire skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, clothing construction, technology, and soft skills.

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