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Patricia Otoo


Patricia Otoo holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana and is currently pursuing a certificate course in Project Management from Coursera. Patricia has worked as a Class Tutor and currently works as a Child Labor Prevention Supervisor at Serendipalm Company. Patricia’s role allows her to gather and analyze data towards the eradication of child labor and abuse. To create a safe learning environment for her pupils of the Yevi D /A Basic School, she planned and executed the completion of a three classroom block. Four communities have been sensitized on child labor and child work and its effect on both the child and the community. Four pregnant girls have been re-integrated to school. Patricia, a victim of child labor, wants to see a world where the safety of girls is safeguarded within an environment that stimulates their ambitions and desire for learning. To become the child rights advocate she envisions herself to be, she started the Patmond Foundation to empower the girl child through child right trainings, skill acquisition, and an alternative livelihood. Patricia hopes to expand her skills in child rights protection through mentorship from Empowered to Educate. This will help her extend her impact to ten other communities and  support one thousand girls with learning materials and skill training in the next two years.

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