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Rose Aba Dodd

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Founder of Kaya ChildCare
Where is your organization now?

Kaya Childcare is growing. We hit our goal of 70 kids enrolled in 2022. With the support received through Empowered to Educate's small grants, we were able to extend our space to get a bigger play and learning area for the growing number of kids. In December 2022, we will be graduating our third class of kids into grade one. 

What are your goals for the future?

We are looking for innovative ways to expand our offering and customized ECD curriculum to more children in Ghana. In collaboration with a grant organization, Kaya ChildCare is currently testing new ways to engage the mothers and other Kayayoo in the design of childcare solutions for their children, while teaching them new skills for possible job creation. We hope lessons from this pilot will provide an opportunity for expansion of our ECD content box innovation to 1000s of urban poor kids across Ghana and Africa to be better prepared for school.

Highlights of Rose's Fellowship

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