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Saraswati Efua Arthur

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Founder of The Reading Factory
Where is your organization now?

The Reading Factory is currently running two modules that fit into the vision of creating access to activity-based learning for all children that leads to lifelong learning. The Professional teacher training module continues to train teachers on activity-based learning, designing and creating teaching and learning resources., and positive discipline among others. The personalised teaching of learners’ module dubbed ‘Adisadel Learning Clinic’ continues to support children, especially those with learning challenges. Currently, the 5-team member supports 35 children in our weekly classes.

What are your goals for the future?
  • Establish at least 10 learning clinics across Central Region in partnership with other organisations. This will support the team to reach more than 200 learners and over 100 teachers.

  • The Reading Factory looks forward to partnering with the district/Municipal Education Directorate in Central Region to train more teachers on activity-based learning.

  • Expand our service to more private schools in Central Region and beyond

  • Leverage the partnership with a local radio station in Cape Coast to institute a yearly Reading festival on airwaves. This activity will involve children from KG to grade 6 children in the Central Region, reading competitively.

Highlights of Saraswati's Fellowship

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