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Teni Agana


Teni Agana is the Founder and Managing Director of the Loozeele Initiative. She is a tenacious young lady who worked as a kayayoo to pay her way through high school. Admitted to Ashesi as a Mastercard scholar in 2014, she received the President's Award at her graduation for exemplary scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. She is currently running the Loozeele Initiative which provides a source of income for 40 kayayei girls and women in the Upper East region of Ghana and organizes educational programs for youth. Loozeele Initiative empowers, trains, and supports young Kayayei from the northern part of Ghana with entrepreneurship skills and training in basketry, fabric weaving, baking, and shea butter making. Teni’s long-term goal is to ensure that underprivileged girls, especially girls with backgrounds like hers, have a support system to keep them from on track for success. She has been in their shoes and understands all too well how easy it is to get sidetracked. Teni is passionate about minimizing the increasing number of girls from Northern Ghana who migrate to the streets of southern Ghana out of poverty, and she believes the solution is helping them get a source of income in the north. Recently, Teni was selected by Those Who Inspire as a youth who inspires Ghana. She earned this title because of her work and her powerful story of starting as a kayayei, becoming a University graduate, and ultimately empowering other girls to create a source of income for themselves. She is studying for her Masters in International Development as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar at the University of Edinburgh.

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