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Charity Ayambga

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Coming from a community where many children, especially girls and those from traditionally marginalized groups, are still excluded from accessing and completing inclusive basic education due to cultural and socio-economic barriers, Charity sets to bridge this accessibility gap which results in lack of formal education, teenage pregnancies, and early marriages. Realizing the integral role that education plays in breaking these shackles around the necks of communities, Charity initiated the Community Foundation, which uses numeracy and literacy development to make quality education accessible to the less privileged in her community. Through this initiative, Charity has been able to equip youth who have dropped out of school with numeracy and literacy skills, building the foundation for 124 children who are undergoing formal education now. Also, through the Mobile Learning Labs (an initiative to increase retention and improve performance through the use of technology), Charity has helped improved learning outcomes of rural children in five basic schools in the Kassena Nankana West. Going forward, Charity hopes to expand her current facility into an ultra-modern learning center and a complete educational institution that provides all students with opportunities to bridge the disparities in education. Currently, Charity works as a District Programs Coordinator at CAMFED Ghana and has a long term goal of becoming a Global Policy Analyst. This will put her on a better footing to contribute meaningfully to enhanced outcomes in education. As an Empowered to Educate Fellow, she is open-minded to learning and improving her personal skills to do more for her community.

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