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Nana Ama Boa-Amponsem

Nana Ama Boa-Amponsem Headshot[12].jpeg

Nana Ama is currently focused on contributing to the creation of educational systems that promote equality and equity. She believes in young people in Africa having access to education that enables them to contribute meaningfully to the progress of their society, regardless of their backgrounds. Nana Ama founded Think Education in 2019 to support low-cost private schools to increase student learning outcomes through improved administrative and operational practices. Think Education's work has impacted over 600 educators and 5,500 schoolchildren through various programs and initiatives. Nana Ama leads the strategy development and implementation of Think Education's programs and has raised over 32,000 USD for the organization's work with low-cost private schools in the Northern Region. Outside of Think Education, Nana Ama is the Schools and Partnerships Coordinator at Generation Global, the education program of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. In this role, she is able to create opportunities for young people to develop critical 21st-century skills and contribute to the progress of their communities. Nana Ama holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Ashesi University and a Master's degree in Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She is also a Jacobs Foundation Fellow under the Scaling Readiness Program in partnership with Reach for Change. Through the Empowered to Educate Fellowship, Nana Ama is excited about the opportunity to further develop her leadership skills and contribute even more to creating educational systems that promote equality and equity.

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